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Michelle Kostidakis, founder of Crown of Life Living, is a leading women’s empowerment and mindset coach with a global clientele and 20 years’ experience in transformational coaching.


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"I can’t say enough about these program's. I highly recommend them, I now have the tools to set each day up for success."

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This is complete guidance at the highest level. Only five people a year gain exclusive access to Michelle's VIP One-On-One Coaching, where Michelle opens her book sharing personal and business success and failures, find out the good, the bad and the ugly!

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Have you ever just felt lost? Does happiness often feel out of reach? Do you sometimes wake up and wonder what’s the point? Have you ever said this isn’t the life I want or know you want to do something meaningful (but don’t quite know where to start)?
Then you, my friend are going to love Michelle’s Blogs, full of tips tricks and suggestions to infuse new structure and routine giving you meaning and purpose to help rediscover your joy helping you create your dream life one step at a time.

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