"Driving Successful Change using proven methods, knowledge and experience"


At HCM Coaching Group, helping our clients create positive change in their lives is our ultimate passion. We strive relentlessly to educate and encourage our valued clients on their way towards mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.


Our many years and certifications in the industry have enabled us to offer in-depth knowledge into the self-improvement process. We pass on our unparalleled insight directly to our clients.


We’re 100% committed to our clients. Through successes and failures, we’ll be a steadfast rock of support and encouragement to help you find and harness your inner strength.

HCM Coaching Group: Our Comprehensive Coaching Services

With a caring, holistic, and methodical approach, HCM Coaching Group will help you excel in life and attain personal well-being.

The journey to wellness is a long road, but yours can begin now with a single call. To take the first step in achieving your life goals, call our team at (732) 595-2955 today!

Health Coaching

HCM Coaching Group stands out from the rest because we don’t just tell you how to be healthy ’ we give you the tools and resources you need to rid yourself of old, destructive habits and build new, positive ones in their place.

We’ll look at your lifestyle as a whole to pinpoint practical and achievable goals that will enhance your enjoyment, increase your energy, and revitalize your body every day. Sleep, nutrition, and mindfulness, our holistic approach to fitness and well-being will provide concrete, lasting results.


Michelle is an amazing coach and I’ve found myself getting the coaching and direction my life has needed from her!! Highly recommended!!

— Michael Carr

Michelle is knowledgable, dedicated, and committed to providing the best service to her consumers! She has personal experience, training and education which makes her a level above! Highly recommend this company!

— Angela Iacouzzi

I was reluctant to call any company regarding "life coach" as I was not sure what to expect. My experience could not have been better!! I met with the owner personally and she was so helpful. She was extremely patient and extremely informative. After only several appointments we have made great strides, and I am looking forward to continue on this path.

— Joseph Ragucci

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Holistic Life Coaching

Whether your goals are personal, relational, financial, or you’re struggling to discover what your goals are, you’ll find professional and individual assistance at HCM Coaching Group. We’re passionate about creating an authentic connection with our clients and acting as a solid and reliable source of support to streamline your progress in life. We’ll speak with you regularly, offering professional assessments, creating realistic strategies, and providing empathetic support as you find your way through life.